Thursday, March 15, 2007

Crime Agenda is Out of Touch

John Ivison summarizes Stephane Dion's new crime platform:
Stung by Tory barbs that he is "soft on crime," the Liberal leader promised $200-million for 400 more RCMP officers; changes to the Criminal Code to guard against the Internet luring of children; and tougher laws against identity theft. In addition, there would be more funding for Crown attorneys and dozens of judicial vacancies would be filled, he said.
Dions not really in touch with the average Canadian. So from average citizen to Leader of the Opposition: what we really need is for criminals to stay in jails. More cops are nice and updates to the Criminal Code are good too, but stop letting criminals back out into society! The "root causes" are that cops play catch and release with the same jokers over and over. It's got to end.