Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dion Would Reinstate Court Challenges

Stephane Dion said today that if elected he would reinstate the Court Challenges Program. He connects it with strengthening the Charter.

The CP describes the program as one that helped pay for lawsuits seeking to expand government provided benefits. Strange isn't? I thought it was the job of elected officials to do that. This is a democracy after all.

It doesn't matter to Dion that judges decide things, because it's been his party that's been stacking the benches for 13 years. As if Canadians trust politicians to be "fair and non partisan" in anything, let alone judicial appointments. Fair and non partisan means lots of Liberals and a few friendly Tories to keep the media at bay.

And if Liberals were so concerned about helping interest groups bring challenges to the government, why don't they voluntarily donate? I wonder how much him and his pals give to legal charities. Well... why use money out of their own pockets, when taxpayer money can be used.

The Court Challenges Program consolidates power in unelected judges and the elite lawyers who argue before them. It must not come back.