Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Segregated Military Bases

Shame on Liberal defence critic Dennis Coderre for calling for a segregated military base for native Canadians. Multiculturalism has so gripped Canada that people can't even see that separate isn't equal. Should we go back to black or native only combat units as well?

"I think that we have to show sensitivity since Canada is also composed of First Nations," Coderre said. "The Canadian Forces have always reflected what Canada is."

The idea was first floated by Serge Noel, a local resident who noticed that many natives from the area were crossing the border to join armed forces in the U.S.

"The Canadian Forces have taken steps in the past to attract more aboriginals to their ranks and have achieved a certain level of success, but not as much as they would have hoped for," Noel said.

Mr. Coderre supports this, not realizing the problem in his sponsor's statement. That natives are joining the armed forces in the US is not because there are native bases there. If this were about recruitment, then investigate why US forces are more attractive to join.

Is it about sensitivity or recruitment? Or both? It doesn't matter. Segregating the military is no solution.