Monday, April 16, 2007

Subsidy Lets Nova Scotia Call Centre Expand

Through a $914,000 "payroll rebate" from the Nova Scotia government, a Cape Breton call centre is hiring up to 175 new full timers. Great for the company, ServiCom Canada Ltd., but just how did they get chosen for such a break? As if it's special news that free money lets a company expand.

Of course, Premier Rodney MacDonald is very happy about this as he is from Cape Breton. In normal situations, the blogger would slyly ask if that's a coincidence, but not in Nova Scotia. Subsidized businesses are a fact of life here.

Giving government agencies such as Nova Scotia Business Inc. the power to choose subsidies hands too much power to government. This is a case as clear as any where government dependency is created. And it's no doubt political. Support a certain government and get goodies. The NDP and Liberals? Just as bad.

It's frustrating that the press lifts words off government talking points. The government calls it "help" as if it's out of compassion. Well, it's not quite help, it's more like diverting the tax burden to others. It's help if you turn a blind eye to others who are taxed to compensate for this. As if this helped them (everyone else). Thanks a lot media.