Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Joke of the UN Human Rights Council

Publius Pundit notes the colossal failures of the "new and improved" United Nations Human Rights Council:
Foreign Policy's Passport blog has a post up about how the UN Human Rights Council has become a complete joke, a shadow of its supposed ideals. It writes about latest developments this week in Geneva:
In Geneva this week, any pretense of utility or fairness that clung to the United Nations Human Rights Council finally evaporated. By a decisive margin, the Council voted to end its examination of Iran and Uzbekistan despite worsening human rights records in both countries. Japan, South Korea, and Brazil were surprising votes in favor of the free passes; they had been supported more predictably by Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, and Azerbaijan.
Ironic given that Iran and Uzbekistan are perhaps some of the worst human rights violators in the world. Could Amnesty International possibly have been wrong when it declared "a new beginning for human rights" back in May 2006? No, it's a new beginning alright. It's an era of greater protection for human rights violators and back-patting for the insane leftists who supported its creation!
It's time that Canadians, the self decreed vaunted defenders of international human rights rethink unconditional support of the UN. Just because something is operated by the "international community" doesn't mean it's right. Just because it has the title "human rights council" doesn't mean it cares about human rights.

HT Instapundit who notes, outrage of the "human rights community", "seems to be reserved for situations that benefit the enemies of civilization."