Monday, March 26, 2007

Canada's New Quebec Government

Paul Wells' latest blog post at MacLeans concludes with some interesting questions:
... if the ADQ and the Libs turn out to be rivals, with Charest unable to lead (what will still be, constitutionally, until a confidence vote) his government from within the National Assembly, then it is at least conceivable that the arbitrator's role falls to the PQ. Does the PQ vote no confidence in a Liberal government? Does it then support Mario Dumont? That dilemma would risk tearing the PQ apart.

Federally: Why, precisely, does Gilles Duceppe want to lead the PQ, given the historic existential crisis it has now entered? And how does Stéphane Dion feel, knowing that 46 Quebec seats are now held by Liberals who agree with Stephen Harper on federalism and 42 Adéquistes who agree with him on everything else?
One thing for sure: Mario Dumont will probably be as powerful (provincially and nationally) as whomever the PLQ choose as their new leader and premier.