Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rise of ADQ a Sign for NDP

Well I can't say Jack is completely wrong. The CP reports:
NDP Leader Jack Layton says the Action democratique du Quebec's breakthrough in last week's election election is a sign the time is right for his own party to make inroads in the province.
He said the ADQ under leader Mario Dumont surged into official Opposition status because Quebec's middle-class voters have difficulty making ends meet despite economic prosperity in the province.
Since economic prosperity is relative, Jack just might be right. But why is it they can't make ends meet? Jack forgets to tell the crowd that those Quebeckers can't make ends meet because the taxation and regulations that keep up the province's social programs drive away businesses and innovation.

Quebeckers see that. Which is why they voted for a guy who said he would cut the bureaucracy and untie small businesses. So, yes. The time is right for the NDP to make inroads in the province. But not if they go in with their same old socialist agenda.