Monday, March 12, 2007

Roomies Stephen and Stephane

A little known story of Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion when they were at school together:
Like every time Dion would want a glass of milk, he'd find Harper had put the container back into the fridge empty. Dion was worried Harper would snitch his food, especially things like steak and potatoes, so he started making up salads with lots of greens in them. Harper, he figured, would never eat those. But one day, Harper's tastes changed, and he'd nibble on Dion's baby carrots and celery sticks.

"Nice radicchio," Harper said, exiting the kitchen after eating the last of Dion's salad.

One night, Harper and Dion had a big fight over what they'd watch on TV. Harper voted for a Die Hard movie, while Dion argued for Amélie. "Are there ANY explosions in it?" Harper asked. "Or have you picked yet another chick movie?"

Yeah, I can picture Dion being a guy who picks chick movies. Nothing wrong with that of course.