Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blame Canada

Why are Canadians so tolerant of foreign forces that torture prisoners? As with the Maher Arar case in Syria, in the current Afghanistan prisoner debate, focus has been put on blaming Canada and almost none on examining foreign security apparatuses. The reasons for this are a mystery.

Is it because we think Middle Eastern countries are primitive anyway and should be held to a lower standard? That's an awfully condescending view of other cultures, possibly even racist. Yet this is entirely fitting with Canadian hesitation to focus attack on Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor over any Afghanistan officials.

Perhaps it's because from a leftist viewpoint, forcing foreign governments to adhere to Western values such as human rights is also a form of imperialism. Such critics might just prefer that the Taliban continue forcing their version of Islamic rule over Afghanis (even women, homosexuals, and non-Muslims) above interfering with foreign cultures.

So, it's a mystery. Canadians are blamed for Afghan mistakes. I guess they get a free pass because they can't be expected to know better?