Thursday, April 26, 2007

To What Degree Will Bulb Ban Affect Warming?

The ban on incandescent lightbulbs is another useless political scheme that will do nothing to stop global warming. Voters who support this are either authoritarian minded control freaks who want to impose their morality on others or are lobbyists working for the fluorescent light industry.

First, nobody has yet to tell us what affect this authoritarianism will have on the climate. We are told it will save electricity, and it undoubtedly will. Fluorescent bulbs generate more lumens per watt, meaning less wattage is required for the same amount of light. So what's the connection between fewer watts and climate change?

Well, it turns out the government wants us to use less power because power is generated from CO2 spewing coal burning generating stations. The idea is that less coal will be burnt because less power will be needed. In that case, why do we burn coal at all?! If we want to limit CO2, then why not simply go to the source? Power consumption is not what we should be concerned about. What we should be concerned about is green house gas emissions. As long as those coal plants are still burning away, these controls on our behaviour are just illusory fixes.

Finally, why isn't anyone being honest about what effect this will have on climate change. Will this lower ocean levels by 0.001mm or will it lower the temperature by 0.00000001 degrees? Tell us what difference it makes so we can judge for ourselves whether it's worth it. What a scam.