Friday, April 27, 2007

Power Struggle: Towns vs Province

Let towns buy power from outside Nova Scotia Power! The story of centralized government imposing its will on local government continues. The mayor of Lunenberg and six other municipalities are waiting for the province to ok a purchase outside of the province's monopoly power (cash) source.

Energy Minister Bill Dooks has stalled on this for some time now and hopes to have it resolved by the end of the year. End of the year is too long. Why must people be held to the whims of a centralized government? Keep decisions local!

When a town chooses something, only its citizens are subjugated. When a province chooses something, hundreds of thousands are voiceless, often with no hope to sway the bigwigs in Halifax. Of course, the town of Lunenberg might be angling itself for a boneheaded decision for its people, but they should be free to choose so.