Thursday, April 26, 2007

Government Price Fixing

Gas regulation in Nova Scotia costs the province $10 million more dollars than necessary. All for the sake of stability. Assuming 500,000 drivers, that's $20 a piece. I would trade some instability for $20.

If only there were a way for people to choose between regulated and unregulated gas price stations. Give people the freedom to choose. That wouldn't happen though, because people would always choose the cheaper of the two or perhaps all the stations would become unregulated. And the government can't have us going around their monopoly. For some reason price fixing by government is ok. "For our own good" they say. Even if a minority doesn't want it. Too bad, minority.

Service Nova Scotia Minister Jamie Muir says he can find no compelling reason to get rid of regulation. I guess "not being authoritarian" isn't compelling enough.