Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Barbara Amiel Calls Journalists Vermin

The Daily Telegraph reports:

The Blacks were waiting to go down in a lift from the 12th floor courtroom when Melanie Glanz, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation producer, stepped in to join them.

Recognising her from an earlier hearing, Lord Black asked if she was once again going to join him in the lift and “breathlessly” relay word of his approach to her colleagues outside. That depended on whether he was leaving the building, she said.

When Lord Black said - incorrectly as it turned out - that he was not, she agreed not to follow.

However as the lift doors closed, Lady Black, said to her: “You slut!” She then turned on the lift’s other occupants - two other female journalists. “You’re all vermin. I’m sick of it,” she said.

“I used to be a journalist and I never door-stepped people.”

I sympathize with Lady Black. Journalists who write for dailies don't seem to be too bright these days. They're out looking for stories like this. One can really only get good reporting in the weeklies or monthlies.